Saturday, 19 March 2011

Small Sewing Project - Pearl Flower

Simple Pearl Flower Project

Project time: approx 30mins
Here is a little tutorial on how to made pearl flower
1. Draw circles on fabric using washable fabric marker

2. Cut them out, curl them by putting them on top of a candle light (be careful not to burn your fingers x)

3. Arrange them together & Stitch them at the base

4. Pearling by threading a pearl to the centre

5. Dada, It's Done!

Rock it, and use it on different occasions!

Material used
Moonstone Pink Silky Polyester Satin
Back to Basics - Black Head Band

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  1. Such a great blog & real detailed tutorials! I'm a new follower here but do follow you on Twitter. {which is why I came to your website in the first place- because of that awesome pink velvet & lace trim ~ very beautiful.}

    Best to you!

  2. ps May I post a link to this tutorial on my blog? {You will have all credit, of course <3}

  3. Such a lovely tutorial, the dusky colours are gorgeous! Know a friend who would love this, so may have a go at making for her birthday! Jenny x